Here it is: my very first blog post on my very new blog, chronicling my fabulous life as a Woman of Leisure in the UK.  I have spent the last few days learning HTML and CSS, but then I wimped out and used wordpress’ settings.  Nonetheless, it was time well spent, and I urge everyone to visit DON’T FEAR THE INTERNET, which is an incredible tutorial put together by JESSICA HISCHE and RUSS MASCHMEYER, an engaged couple who put together some sweet & very informative little videos about how to get started.  With their help, I will finally put my portfolio on the internet and use it to get a real job!…maybe.  Jessica and Russ, I have a big crush on both of you now. Thanks to my friend STEPHEN KENNEDY for putting it on his blog.

Before I actually start looking for gainful employment, however, I am really busy preparing to go back to the US, where I will visit Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Toronto, Nashville and then DC on an epic farewell tour.  I will take lots of photos and tell you about how great it is to not have a job and spend your husband’s money.  And then I will come back to Cambridge and start looking for work like a MOTHERF*CKING ADULT!