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Everyone likes to think they’re immune to advertising, but I have to say, I’m a total sucker for it.  I saw an ad for those stupid butt-shaping Sketchers and didn’t buy them, but did do a few more squats that day.  If I wasn’t already solidly under Google’s thumb, their cute ads where parents write emails to their newborn babies would persuade me to download Chrome.  But there have been a few truly great advertisements that have made the rounds over the past few years, and I feel like its worth assembling my favorites in one place.

First: The Iceland Ad.  Best. Ad. Ever.  Not to mention ridiculously successful: I, along with everyone else I know who has seen this video, has been planning their trip ever since.

Second: Red Bull.  It does not make me want to drink Red Bull, but its worth eight minutes of your time:

Third: STA Travel. All three videos (“Move,” “Eat,” and “Learn”) are good, but “Move” is by far the cleverest, if also the most likely to give you a fit.

And finally, this one is practically vintage in internet years, and the quality is correspondingly poor, but this Nike soccer commercial from 2007 was one of the first youtube sensations that I remember:

I think four videos is enough for one post, but I’d love to hear your favorite epic advertisements.