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Ian and I did our grocery shopping at Budgens while I was in Cambridge, which was a serviceable but not stellar place to get our food.  I’m really excited to go to the big Tesco’s & Sainsbury’s (just so we’re clear, I am not being sarcastic.  I am genuinely excited to go to the grocery store.  I once spent over an hour in a corner market in Vienna, for which Toby Lowenfels has still not forgiven me, and I never missed a chance to hit up a Thai convenience store when I was there.  It’s seriously fascinating).

Even in a place as un-foreign as Canada, there is hilarious packaging (in part because everything is also in French.  KFC, for example, is also PFK there).  This is the one that takes the cake, though:

Canadian milk

Shockingly, I am not the first to notice.  There is even a “tastes like homo” Facebook page.

Canadian milk is not the only packaging that can be misconstrued.  I almost lost it laughing when I came across this display of canned goods:

Its the sausage sensation!

I mean seriously.  Could that be any more phallic?


Giant plastic soda/malt beverage bottles, obviously.

And finally (for now):

Uncle Ben is a lot more wordly than I gave him credit for.

Did I miss any good ones? I’m sure there will be more once I hit up the bigger & better grocery stores.