Two weeks ago (already! where did the time go?) I went to Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to admire my grandmother’s new apartment and to help the family move her out of her old place, where she had lived for sixty-eight years.  Not only did I get to go to Rocky Rococo’s, my favorite pizza chain and a must on every trip home, I got to sort through literally hundreds of old family photos (including some embarrassing ones of me). One of my favorites is my grandmother:

From an old scrapbook in Wisconsin Rapids

I also walked out with some very cool stuff that my grandmother elected to leave behind, including mini brioche tins (in the original box, with recipe pamphlet), a cool tablecloth, a new apron, and the jars she kept on her counter for coffee, tea and other stuff that I remember from my childhood.  My sister got some Green Bay Packers coasters – she got some other stuff too but I think she was most excited about the coasters.

Favorite photos from Central Wisconsin