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I got back to England the same day that the moving company dropped off the contents of our shipping container, and I’ll be here for two more weeks, until we go back to the states for two weddings (!!!) with jaunts to Ithaca and NYC in between (expect more maps).  In the meantime, here is where I have been in the last month:

The Adventure Itinerary

In the last three weeks, I’ve been in Milwaukee, Madison, Toronto, Nashville, Washington, DC and Baltimore.  I’ve gotten to see some old and wonderful friends and I had the funnest time (if Tina Fey says funnest, it must be ok).

Transpo nerds will also be excited to hear that I took 11 plane rides, 3 bus rides, rode three different light rail systems, used two bikeshare programs, and propelled myself many miles with my feet, as well.  It’s been a busy couple weeks.