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I miss it already.So on a few posts I’ve spent a little time with Photoshop, just to help my photos and everyone in them look their best.  This time, I was so overwhelmed with material that I just slapped all these images in and tried not to despair over all the fun stuff I’m leaving out.  I didn’t include a picture from my day at Walden Pond, or Kowloon, and Amy’s bachelorette party is so conspicuously absent that I think I’ll do a separate photo collage dedicated just to that day.  But here are the fantastic memories I did manage to include (since the photos aren’t placed in any order, neither is this list – but you can figure some of it out):

– Summiting Mt Washington with Jaime, Steph and Laura in August (to be greeted by the lazy people who had driven)

– The MCP graduation trip to Falmouth (I elected not to include the photos from the party evenings and just included photos from the s’mores night)

– A trip to Haymarket and Modern Pastry (= perfect Boston Saturday)

– A  night at Hong Kong with virtually all my favorite people (you can probably guess which pictures were taken that night)

– The Cambridge City Dance Party (a utopian festival in front of Cambridge City Hall)

– A Red Sox game with Ian’s former roommates and Roxbury residents Mike & Dana (Mike not pictured)

So basically it was an awesome summer.  One of the best.  There are also lots of things I didn’t take pictures of, but still treasured, like rock climbing and my birthday dinner at Myers & Chang (go! seriously! all of you: just go there) or a whole lot of other stuff.  Thanks for everything, Cambridge! I won’t forget you, no matter how long I live in Other Cambridge!