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Ian and I had our first date at a restaurant called La Feria, which is a tiny place in Shadyside, a trendy neighborhood of Pittsburgh near Carnegie Mellon (our alma mater).  As we finished our meal there last week, he said “I don’t think I have ever come back to Pittsburgh and not eaten here.”  And so it was the first stop on our Pittsburgh nostalgia tour last week – a trip that would ultimately include Pamela’s for pancakes, a walk through Carnegie Mellon, the 61C bus (who could forget), a stop at the National Aviary, a stroll along the Allegheny River, and a walk around Pittsburgh’s Near North Side.

While I was there, I kept thinking about all the things I’d recommend to someone who had more than one afternoon to spend in Pittsburgh.  I would have told them to go to the 16th Street Bridge (the prettiest of Pittsburgh’s 278 bridges) and then to follow the river up to the 31st Street Bridge onto Washington’s Island.  From there, I would have told them to walk through the Strip District, through downtown and past the historic courthouse, and then they should have crossed the other river, the Monongahela, to go to the South Side.  Highland Park is another great neighborhood, and then in the evening you could go to Dee’s or the Sharp Edge or the Double Wide or the Library or Six Penn or a number of other bars/restaurants that I wish we could have gone to but just didn’t have time.  And I haven’t even mentioned the O or Primanti Brothers…

Also, if you have more than one day and a car, I would really recommend a trip to the Todd Nature Reserve, where I used to work.

We had a really great time with the time we had, and it was great to go to the wedding and see my friends from college.  The revelation of the weekend was that most of the women I am close to from college have coupled up, and most of us brought our sweetie pies along.  My friends have ended up with really lovely, stand-up guys who seem perfect for them, and I’m so excited to see them so happy.