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If I were more into alliteration, I would have saved this for Monday, but I’m really excited to share this video (and still too lazy to sort through my Tel Aviv photos or go do stuff in Cambridge worth writing about…).

A Toronto-based band called The Strumbellas recently recorded their first CD, “My Father and the Hunter” set for release on Feb. 21, and put a video of their song “Bird” on YouTube Wednesday night.  Its a really lovely song and I encourage you all to listen.  I was able to see them twice when I was in Toronto in September and I think they put on a great show – I’m even half-thinking of flying to Toronto for the release party.  They describe their music as “folk popgrass” or “pop folkgrass” or something; its vaguely like the Avett Brothers if they were mellower or maybe Band of Horses if they were more high-energy.



Full disclosure: the violinist is my sister.