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Mill Road Cemetery is one of my favorite parts of my neighborhood (see below), but there is a whole lot of stuff about my ‘hood that I find pretty delightful. Mill Road is the miscellaneously ethnic area of Cambridge – two North African restaurants, an art gallery, three coffee shops, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and hippie/yuppy whole foods grocery stores, bike shops, two curry houses and a Korean restaurant…its exhausting.  And awesome.

The area just off of Mill Road, where I live, is quiet; lots of young families squeezed in modernized terrace houses on very narrow streets.  A surprising number of local businesses occupy the first floor of a terrace house (my favorite is a violin/cello/viola/etc bow maker who looks like Santa Claus and has a workshop on Kingston St.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of him).

Stay tuned for pictures of Mill Road and of downtown Cambridge, which is pretty sweet too.