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My friend Lauren works about 10 very scenic miles south of Cambridge, and after she and I ate too many ginger biscuits, we decided that she and I would get up before dawn and cycle from Cambridge to work.  She would go to her desk and I would turn around and go home.  Because that’s what I do for fun.

Naturally, we chose the coldest day of winter so far; temperatures hovered around freezing the whole time.  Also, I got a little lost on the way home.  Despite the pre-dawn departure and a persistent, biting wind, it felt like a grand adventure.

I was really amazed – again – by the extent of the cycling infrastructure in this country.  Cars may not defer to you when you’re in the street, but there is an extensive network of off-road paths, with bridges and signage to match.  I went 22.6 miles round-trip (plus another ten in the course of my everyday errands), and today I can feel it in my bum a little.