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Hello friends.  Here is what is new with me: Ian and I finally hung some photos (brick walls = home decor challenges).  We head home to the states for almost three weeks of holiday cheer and cross-country travel (Milwaukee, New York, Boston, Chicago – in that order) and I am psyched.  The sun is shining. So yeah. Life is good.

I spent the train ride home from London last night on Twitter and was amazed (though I probably shouldn’t have been) by what a treasure-trove of links and YouTube and wry commentary it really was.  Drew Austin wrote, “The highest level of Maslow’s pyramid should be “thinking about Maslow’s pyramid a lot”” which I thought was hilarious.   And here are some other things that the magic of the internet sent my way:

Pimms Cupcakes + Learning

Starlings: DAMN! (Courtesy of Josh Ritter, one of my favorite famous tweeters)

Supremes & Bieber Mash-up (from April, but still awesome)

Bon Iver Workout Video (Because everyone saw that coming, right?)

And speaking of singer-songwriters:

What did I miss? What Internet memes have I overlooked?