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This “best of” list is not typical of end of year lists; it doesn’t necessarily have any grounding in things that happened in 2011 (just things I happened to learn about in 2011)

Best TV series:

Game of Thrones

The first season covered the first book of a seven book series.  Four intertwined plot lines reveal different ploys to capture control of the Seven Kingdoms, a mythical but vaguely medieval alternate universe.  There is lots of gratuitous sex and violence – don’t watch it with your parents – and it is awesome.

Best Guilty Pleasure:

Made in Chelsea (TV) and Friends with Benefits (movie)

image courtesy Daily MailI would totally watch this again, even if I wasn’t on a plane.

Best Movie:

Tintin (but it was slim pickings this year)

See this review that I did in October for more info.

Best Book (that I read):

The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch

image courtesy waterstones.com

Like Game of Thrones, it creates a rich alternate universe that is both relatable and unpredictable.

Best Museum Exhibit (that I went to):

Vermeer’s Women at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge, UK

image courtesy essentialvermeer.comIts better in real life.

Best Internet Meme:

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, pt. 2

“treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats”

Best Food I Made:

khouresh (North African Lamb Stew)

This isn’t the one I made, but it sure sounds tasty…

What categories did I miss?