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While the holidays are a great time for seeing family, eating too much, and hitting post-holiday sales at the mall, they are not necessarily great times for culture, tourism, or exploration.  Nonetheless, I managed to enjoy the city while I was home over the holidays and thought I’d bring you a quick best-of list of Milwaukee’s East Side and adjacent suburbs (because its that time of year).

Alterra Coffee (several locations)
Kopp’s Frozen Custard (also butterburgers, which are even better than they sound)
Cafe Hollander (my perennial favorite East Side watering hole)
Lake Park Bistro (also a popular place for weddings)

Drink (consumed while in Wisconsin, not in any particular location):
New Glarus Spotted Cow & Flying Squirrel
Lakefront Brewery Cattail
Goose Island Sofie
Lindemann’s Rasberry Lambic

I’ll save my list of local attractions for another day, but it includes an epic summer music festival scene and a starchitect-designed art museum.

And now we stop this gluttony in honor the new year!…after we visit Chicago.

*Please note: still, sadly, not my photos.