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Ian and I spent the last three days in Cambridge, MA, where he was visiting with some research collaborators and I was flitting about town.  I loved living in the Boston area and was thrilled so see all my friends and visit my old haunts.  I’m so grateful to my friends there, who rearranged their schedules to see us, fed us, drove me around, and even did some of my laundry while we were there.  You took such good care of us – I’m so lucky to have you and I hope to return the favor soon.

The best meals I had while in the city were, truthfully, at the homes of friends who made me salad (because I’m hurting from the holidays) and brownies made with yogurt (healthy!).  But I also made the rounds of all my favorite snack places, assembled here for you in no particular order:

join us for the nomathon.Berry Line: frozen yogurt made with locally sourced ingredients.  It kicks Pinkberry’s ass left, right and sideways.
Sweet Cupcakes: About what you’d expect – but delicious
Flour Bakery: I love this place so much that I bought the cookbook but am too afraid to use it. The employees know me. I went there twice.
Clover Food Truck: The hipster who work here crack me up, but the rosemary french fries are No Laughing Matter.
1369 Cafe: Whatever. It’s always packed, but I don’t really understand why.
Harvest Food Co-op/Clear Conscience Cafe: Best chocolate selection in the area, and is right next to my old yoga studio
Picco: Stands for Pizza & Ice Cream Co.  In the South End – it had been  on my list when we lived in Boston, but this was my first visit and I think it was worth the wait.
Voltage: The most lovingly-prepared coffee you’ll ever find.  They’re expanding their food options, too, which has been a big improvement.  I had a cardamom latte and two pieces of toast with blackberry jam.  It was a perfect breakfast.
Emma’s Pizza: Lunch with my coworkers! They mostly do pizza, obviously, but they also have wonderful hot sandwiches and delicious salads.

*Thank you to the internet for supplying the photos.