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I was in Boston for three days last week and, despite 5-degree-Fahrenheit temps, it was pretty wonderful.  I got to visit my old rock gym and my old yoga studio in addition to seeing many of my remaining friends and, as already detailed, eat in some fantastic places.

Most people don’t get excited about indoor climbing gyms and yoga studios when they visit Boston, but there are some crazy indoor adventure sport options that I think would make for an awesome holiday in and of themselves – spending the week taking in the city’s best indoor alternative fitness options.  I can think of a bunch right off the bat.

1. Hot yoga (flow or bikram):
I personally am not a fan of bikram, but there are three studios in Boston and Cambridge if you are.  I am a devotee of Prana Power Yoga – despite the fact that the studio owner is obviously a nutball.

2. Indoor Climbing: Boston Rock Gym or MetroRock
Boston Rock Gym is a bit north of Boston, and is smaller, but has a welcoming and relaxed feel.  MetroRock, in Everett, is higher, bigger, and a little more testosterone-fueled (and also a bit more expensive!) but they’ve just added a high ropes course that I’m dying to try, and they always have a good variety of mid-level climbs that suit me (5.8 to 5.10, or in English parlance, 6a-to-6b-ish)

3. SkyZone Trampoline Gym
I recruited all summer to get people to go to this thing with me, and still never made it there.  But I would *love* to go sometime if I’ve got any takers (Georgiana, I’m looking at you).

4. Trapezing at Jordan’s Furniture
Awesome, right? You can do it in Chicago and New York, too, but that’s a story for another time.  And Boston is the only location where you can buy a couch when you’re done.

5. Indoor Skydiving
This is technically in New Hampshire, but still.  I’ve lost interest in trying outdoor skydiving, but I think indoors, I could be entertained for a seriously long time.

There are also indoor laser tag, go karting and plenty of other stuff I’m sure.  What did I miss?