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Ian and I crammed so much into our three days in Chicago that I feel compelled to break it down into two posts: things we did and places we ate. The eating in Chicago was fantastic, thanks mostly to other people who arranged for incredible meals or made us delicious food themselves (we really hope you come to England so we can ply you with food and alcohol, too. Seriously.)

Here are the awesome places I ate in Chicago:

The Publican: shared plates with lots of meat and cheese (including an amazing goat cheese, although that was just one of many highlights).  Plus one too many drinks…

Hannah’s Bretzel: sandwich shop in the Loop. Somehow, although its only two blocks from City Hall, I never made it there when I was working.

Magnolia Cupcakes: now available in Chicago.  The whole place was saturated with the smell of cake, and it looked old-timey and was super cozy.  I loved it.

The Girl and the Goat: the goat….omg the goat.  Goat sausage pizza, goat empanadas, goat butter.  Plus octopus and pig and bread and scallops and delicious stuff.  The waitress was really shrill, so that was too bad, but it wouldn’t keep me from going back.  The place is so popular that it was jammed at 10:30 pm on a Sunday.

* Some of the photos in the collage are from the internet, not my camera.