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…I have a feeling that, until I get a job, cooking sprees might be a recurring theme in my posts.  I took some cupcakes to my neighbor yesterday, a very nice man named Jim, and he took one look at them and said “so you’re still job hunting?”  Which is maybe a compliment? That’s probably how I should take it, right?

Anyway.  Being unemployed has allowe me to make lots of delicious food.  The cupcake recipe was Thomas Keller’s, from his incredible book Ad Hoc At Home.  Below are some recipes I’ve gotten from the internet and would absolutely totally recommend making, even if you’re not a person with lots of time like I am.

1. Dessert Blueberry Pizza from Spoon Fork Bacon
2. Chocolate Meringues from Bakerella (how is that woman not morbidly obese? She makes so many delicious things) (also, these are great, but they do NOT photograph well)
3. Lamb Meatballs & Orecchiette from Design Sponge
4. Baked Macaroni & Cheese from Simply Scratch

I need to stop making cupcakes because I want to regain my girlish figure, but I have to say, learning to cook and bake new things has been a distinct pleasure of being unemployed, and learning to take pictures of cupcakes has been a bonus too (believe it or not, my food photography skills are improving, as is my command of my fancy camera.  Woot!)