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Last week, as I put on my shoes at the rock climbing gym, I was telling a friend about my trip to Cirque du Soleil’s show Totem, which Ian and I saw recently in London.  I was describing my favorite act, a two person trapeze extravaganza, when the man next to me said “are you talking about CamCircus?”

It turns out there is a community circus group headquartered exactly two minutes’ walk from my house.

I mean, seriously.

So today I went to check it out.  There was juggling, unicycling, hula-hooping, and – the main event – a whole section of aerial apparatus, including rope, two trapeze swings (not the kind you jump between, though, which is what I was expecting), a suspended hula hoop that works kind of like a trapeze, and the yellow and orange ropes that you can wrap yourself in and twirl around on.

I’m going back next Sunday, and hopefully every Sunday thereafter.  It was amazing.