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I don’t care about the Patriots or the Giants, but I do love hoopla.  And I’m sorry to miss the hoopla that goes along with Superbowl Sunday in the States.

People love football so much that they’re willing to make buffalo-wing cupcakes with blue cheese frosting.  Yup – that photo is real.  And the ads have been circulating YouTube for two weeks already, starting with Volkswagen and Honda, with a Ferris Bueller-themed viral video.  I don’t think either ad is funny enough to repost, but its on YouTube if you’re curious.

Even though I’m thousands of miles and five time zones away, I think I’ll treat this Sunday the way my countrymen do: by sitting on my ass and eating disgustingly caloric food.  And may both the Giants and Patriots be forced under the heel of the Packers and Steelers next year.  Go Rust Belt!