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Its a funny thing, but a big part of feeling settled in a new place is knowing your way around the grocery store.  This goes double for a foreign country.  In my case, I now have access to an entire freezer section of Yorkshire puddings (seriously), but I can’t buy caramel ice cream topping.  I can get rich tea biscuits and digestives any time I turn around, but granola bars are off the menu.

I’m trying to embrace the offerings at our local Tesco, which is enormous.  But every once in a while, I see the most ridiculous things on offer.  I chronicled some of my favorites in one of my very first posts back in September, but there are plenty to choose from, so here is I was that weird foreigner in the grocery store: Round 2.

The collage shows potted beef (ew), Simpsons donuts (because donuts are a 100% American thing, the Simpsons provides a frame of reference.  Although Krispy Kremes are really popular, too…), “American style” hot dogs in brine (really?), Worcestershire-flavored “American style” pretzels, and a portion of the Heinz beans section at our local big box.

The array of baked beans is amazing: snap off boxes, family size, with chili, with ham, with other gross stuff, snackin’ size, off brand, in bulk, etc.  It takes up half the canned vegetable section.  Whenever I walk by, I feel sort of affectionately toward these crazy people who actually think this tastes good, and find myself thinking “Oh, England…”