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My new friend Robert and I have spent the last three Thursday mornings taking walking tours of Cambridge with a bunch of septuagenarians.  We troop through a couple colleges and other Cambridge attractions every week (Museum of Natural History = AWESOME.  Did not see that one coming).

The tours are informative and A Cultural Experience and I’m learning a lot about the  city.  But the highlight is that, for the past several weeks, Robert and I have been hitting up different ethnic restaurants around the city.  I’m starting to gain some knowledge about The Cambridge Restaurant Scene, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to break it down.

All images courtesy Google Street View

The images above, clockwise, correspond to:

1. Al-Casbah: North African food on Mill Road.  Went with my parents.  A for ambiance but B for taste.

2. Bangkok City: solid pad thai.  They didn’t have Thai iced tea on the menu.

3. Golden Curry: Indian on Mill Road. We went with English people, who navigated English-Indian food for us (lesson #1: saag is not tasty in this country).

4. Thanh Binh: delicious Vietnamese food near Magdalene College.  I expect I will go back many, many times.

There are a few places that deserve a mention but don’t get photos because they weren’t open as of last summer.  Ohayo, a hole-in-the-wall sushi takeout place, has lovely & inexpensive food, including delicious pumpkin croquettes, which are my favoritest favorite fried food at the moment.  There is also a Korean place on Mill Road called Bibimbap that gets the thumbs up. I have yet to try Sea Tree (fish and chips, which is sort of ethnic, to me) or Otto Cafe, which is Turkish, but both have gotten stellar reviews.  There is also a Chinese snack place (seriously.  It advertises itself as a snack place) down the street from us.

I love food.

I have a big week coming up: I’m dining at King’s College with a coworker/friend of my husband; I’m going to Letchworth, one of Ebenezer Howard’s two garden cities;  and on Friday Ian and I are going to Brussels & Ghent for a long weekend – Tintin Museum, HERE I COME.

If you have any suggestions for what to do in Belgium, please please please let me know.