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The best part about living in England is also sometimes the most frustrating and overwhelming: there is so much to explore its sometimes hard to know where to start.  Europe is so easy to get to (I can take the train to Switzerland, for crying out loud.  I can buy a $22 flight to Ireland. Morocco is a frequent holiday spot for Brits.  I mean seriously).  But the number of amazing travel options can be paralyzing: when you have an entire unexplored continent at your fingertips, how do you choose?

So I’ve decided that I’m going to start proposing vacations here, so I’ll have a backlog of good ideas the next time I decide to go somewhere.  I’m starting with the UK because I just discovered a company that sold me on the name alone: The Dapper Camping Club, a “luxury camping experience” in Wales.

It turns out that luxury camping is a thing.  It is also known “glamping” (I’m not making this up).

All images courtesy TheDapperCampingClub.co.uk

This is just one of many luxury camping opportunities in the UK.  Yurts and tipis are very popular; there are at least two companies offering geodesic domes; and there are a few bona fide tree house options, as well:

The Treehouse at Harptree Court

Image courtesy canopyandstars.co.uk

Most are located in fairly rural areas, with hiking and outdoor activities nearby.

Sign me up please and thank you.