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Before I worked for the Audubon Society (an open space and nature advocacy group with a focus on birds), I didn’t know anything about birds.  But over the course of the year, I became completely obsessed with them.  Birds are amazing.

Page from "Birchfield Close" by Jon McNaught, Nobrow Press 2010

I’ve got a pretty good handle on English garden birds now, but there are literally hundreds of birds all over the country (and offshore) that I haven’t seen – and I am so psyched to explore. I’m particularly excited to see some puffins.  In the meantime, though, here are some birds I have seen:

Blackbirds really are everywhere.  And just as the Beatles song says, they really do sing in the dead of night.  I heard one at midnight a couple days ago.  Above, the birds are (l to r): blackbird, coot, jay, robin, goldfinch, blue tit, moorhen, Egyptian goose & crested grebe.

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