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So Ian and I had a big boring awesome married-couple Saturday: I went to yoga, we did some shopping, we ate some kick-ass mussels and calamari at a shmancy was seafood take-out on Mill Road.  Then, we went to the roller derby, got falafel, and went to Avenue Q before coming home and crashing.

While Avenue Q was pretty good, the cultural highlight was the roller derby (or roller DAHBY as we later realized its pronounced here).  It was the RomseyTown Rollerbillies vs. the Brighton Rockers.  Roller derby is clearly an American import and all in all, I think Brits don’t really have the hang of it yet.  But the music, the halftime show (hula hooping), the spanky pants and the lesbians all suggested that they’ll get there soon.

Ian and I have both been to roller derby in the states, where there was more a sense of occasion (for starters, there was beer) and the standard of skating was substantially higher.  But it was funny to see a different type of Cantabriggian, including meticulously coiffed teenage lesbians and massively tattooed chavs), many of whom I don’t really encounter.  All in all I think it was educational.