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Hola lovers (that was an obscure reference to one of my favorite blogs, GoFugYourself).  I am back from Switzerland! And I am spending hours on a Sunday evening queuing up blog posts about it, which is all the proof that I need that my social life is on less secure footing than I had previously thought.

Before I get into the details of my recent trip, I wanted to post about my trip to Falmouth, in Cornwall, at the end of April (my life is so great: two trips to Cornwall, one to Germany and Switzerland, and Valencia, Ireland, Wales and Southampton on the horizon).

So Falmouth was pretty great. Its home to an art college and a crapload of tourists and lots of cutesy shops and delicious restaurants.  All we did, all weekend, was walk around and eat.  Since Cornwall is a peninsula, the seafood is incredible. And since its very rural, its also known for its dairy – particularly clotted cream and ice cream.  So we made sure to immerse ourselves in local cuisine, which we earned by walking miles and miles every day.  As far as I can tell, eating and being outside are the only things to do in Cornwall.  Its especially important to eat cream tea (scones, clotted cream, jam, and tea), which we did enthusiastically.  As for the outside stuff, there are lots of options: walking, climbing, sailing, blokarting (seriously, that’s a thing), surfing…I think its pretty impossible to be bored, as long as the weather isn’t completely miserable.  And as we discovered, even miserable weather affords a certain amount of adventure and comedy.