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I’ve been to some really fun shows in the last year – Wilco, Foster the People, Death Cab for Cutie – but while I like all those bands, they don’t come close to my feelings about Regina Spektor, whose music I have listened to since Fidelity was released in 2006.  Her music was my ringtone for two years. In 2008, my housemate and I sent each other a series of emails (even though we lived together) analysing the song “Samson” (around the same time, I made Ian listen to the same song at least 10 times on a road trip to Pittsburgh.  That may have been the same trip when I freaked out and refused to listen to his music anymore).  I have her collaborations with the Strokes and Ben Folds and I almost cried the first time I heard “The Call” which is from the Narnia soundtrack. I mean seriously.

So you can imagine how happy I was to snag two tickets to see her at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this weekend.  My friend Erin graciously agreed to come with, so I got some quality girl-time in as well.

Regina Spektor would have to seriously bomb for me to be unhappy, so I’ll leave it to this review to summarise the show for you.  Basically, I was enraptured the whole time.  I’ve been listening to the more saccharine songs on the album, “How” and “The Party” ever since, but she also did a very classic-sounding duet =with husband and opening act Only Son (who said “I want to thank…whatshername…Regina for having me” before finishing his set).  She played Samson and Fidelity and Us, which are her classics, and I remembered how amazing it is to a concert when you feel like you have a history with the performer.  I was so excited to see her that it felt like being a teenager.