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Ian and I are champion eaters.  In fact, its recently occurred to me that I’m really going to have to step up my fitness regimen if we’re going to continue to travel like this – the trips we’ve taken recently have included Valencia (restaurant week!), Brussels (moules frites!) and Bath (just….food.  so much food.)  And we’re not exactly abstemious in our day-to-day life, either.

Anyway.  With the exception of a disappointing Thai meal (and it was still Thai food, so how wrong can you go?), we ate phenomenally well.  We went to Gascoyne Place, a gastro-pub, for an early meal before the Theatre Royal Bath (apparently its a big deal.  We saw School For Scandal.  It was pretty good).  Then we went on a mini-bar crawl – we went to The Raven, a pub we liked so much that we went back for lunch, and to the Canary Wine & Gin Bar.

The food highlight of the weekend was The Circus, a tiny, unassuming little cafe (it turned out to have a huge downstairs – way less tiny that I thought) with amazing food.  I had grilled peppers, peaches and chorizo with rocket salad, and Ian and I split an heirloom tomato salad.  I was ready to just set up camp in the corner and stay forever.

Still to come: the tourist attractions! The Roman Baths and the Jane Austen tour.