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Hello internet. Ian and I are on a train to oxford, recovering from last night’s adventure at the kings college summer supper party. There were fireworks.

I’ve been slowing down on the posts as we approach our one-year UKversary, but its because things are more normal, in a good way. I dont blog about low key nights at the pub or after-exercise lunches because they aren’t extraordinary. They’re the better parts of everyday life.

When we first moved here, I often had a hard time getting motivated to go exploring and do stuff. Having


blog was a

way of maintaining some accountability, even if just to the internet. While I don’t plan to give the blog up, I don’t need it like I did ten months ago. Now its more of a personal scrapbook, which is a  convenient attitude up have because my readership has tanked.

I still have some good posts in the queue, but I take it as personal progress that I’m busier doing stuff and less busy writ

ing about it.