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The Tate Modern has some dumb stuff.

Our return to the UK pretty much coincided with the arrival of another friend, who came into London and whom I met at the Tate Modern on Friday evening. I was only able to go to the 4th floor, which is half awesome and half AWFUL.  Tate visitors: You can go ahead and skip the “Energy and Process” section.  Also, I’m just going to go ahead and say this: I FRICKING HATE VIDEO INSTALLATIONS. That’s right. I went there. I like movies, I like paintings and sculpture and especially photography, but I hate video installations. A lot. They are stupid. Much of the 4th floor of the Tate is stupid.  But I really enjoyed the opportunity to walk across the Millennium Bridge eating candied almonds and the view of the Tower Bridge across the water, and some of the art didn’t suck – the Picassos were ok, for example. They can keep the Picassos.

I was really concerned that our friend get the authentic pub experience, because she’d eaten at a Wetherspoon’s (which is kind of like an Applebee’s). So we took her to the Old Spring, which is one of our faves. But then we also went to The Anchor in London and so it ended up being a very pub-filled few days.  But oh well. There are worse things.