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Ok actually I did a lot of really great stuff in Ithaca, and I will detail it in a later post.

The thing that I did in Ithaca that I am currently obsessed with is watch every episode of “My Drunk Kitchen,” a YouTube video series by Hannah Hart, a 24-year-old Japanese translator who moved from California to New York and started making videos of herself, cooking while drunk, to pass the time.  I am, as usual, late to hop on the internet train; she’s already been profiled by Time magazine, which makes me officially uncool.  Nonetheless, I find these videos hilarious, and I want to help disseminate them, because they made me happy.

I recommend episodes six and nine, “Brunch” and “Ice Cream,” and they are included below.


Its probably not healthy that I am deriving as much joy from, basically, very low-budget TV.  I heard on “This American Life” that if you watch a TV show often enough, you can get the same benefits from watching the characters as you get from actually interacting with people in real life.  There might be a little bit of that going on.

At the moment, I am in New York, where I *do* have real-life friends, and I am about to go meet up with some of them and work on my portfolio! Hurray!