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Freiburg is not a city that was on my radar at all – I’d never been to Germany before and figured when I did, I would probably go to Berlin.  But whilst traveling with My Friend Sarah, we did a nostalgia tour of Freiburg, where she studied abroad, and as a result I got the Insider Tour.  We wandered around the city and into a park with views of the city (we also found an AWESOME SLIDE; see above. I went down four times, although the first time my rip-stop trousers were too grippy and I ended up scootching down one bum cheek at a time.  After than I wrapped my fleece jacket around my waist and I flew down that thing, so much so that I almost face-planted at the bottom).

Anyway.  Here are some cool things about Freiburg:

1. The whole city has a system of tiny canals (ranging from 6 inches to a few feet wide) called bachle.  They are delightful.

2. There are vineyards all around the city.  Sarah and I took an easy walk along a creek that led us directly to public walking paths through the vineyards with panoramic views back toward the city.

3. The cathedral is just amazing – just breathtakingly beautiful.

4. There are mosaics in the sidewalk all over the city (images to follow on Wednesday)

5. There is a brand-new eco-village called Vauban that we strolled around for hours.  It was a major geek-out moment; I was so pleased to be there with another planner.  For my impressions, see my other blog.

6. It was way, way cheaper than Basel, and as a result I ate flammkuchen (thin-crust pizza) and drank Riesling to my heart’s content.