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Our first day in Wales was a fantastic, sunny, perfect (if brisk) day, and I rallied the six of us to a strike out on an all-day hike – one leg of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, or about 12 (surprisingly rigorous) miles from Newport to Fishguard. I would love to go back and do a larger chunk of it (minus the days that take you past the big industrial sections); I think it would be so fun to go from town to town along the Welsh coast, which is beautiful, and finish each night in a pub.

My walking companions were unfailingly good sports, although I think we all got a little more than we bargained for.  I have often earned the reputation for being a slave driver and its almost always unwarranted.  But in this case there’s at least a kernel of truth to it (but I mean seriously.  Look at that coastline! Look at it!)