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I know I’m late on the post today.  Its becoming an unfortunate Monday habit.  Don’t worry; my mother has already nagged me about it.

I have a good reason: the weather was insanely beautiful this weekend and I spent my time outside, having a life.  Ian and I did a pub ride to Waterbeach (we biked to a pub, ate fish & chips, and biked home); I did a 6 mile fun run (after the first four miles, it ceased to be fun); and we tooled around in the garden for a while.  Somehow my very, very modest garden took hours to put together.  But in a few weeks, we’ll have strawberries, spinach, chard, plus the start of a lot more stuff.  Its magic.

Ian’s headed to a conference this weekend, so I’m planning to get to work dismantling our shambles of a grille and turning it into a path to the shed:

That big pile of bricks that’s been sitting by the back door is not long for this world.