Dear Internet,

I am visiting a friend in Switzerland, and using a French keyboard where I cannot figure out how to write question marks or apostrophes.  I do not have access to the photos I took today or any of those in reserve…so I will tell you about all the amazing posts that I have planned.

First: more Cornwall! So much to tell you about Cornwall!

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Next: Basel. Freiburg, Germany (and Vauban, the new neighborhood that is my new version of heaven). Strasbourg (where we are going tomorrow).  Lucarno (later in the week).

And also: Mill Road! Specifically, all the Asian grocery stores.  So fascinating.  So smelly.

Additionally: Cambridge colleges. So many of them, so nauseatingly pretty.

Finally: my Friday night in London, where I got a scorpion bowl in a disco ball, danced on a light-up rubiks cube dance floor, and then went to a very posh bar called Nightjar before finally going to sleep as the sun came up.

Life is so lovely.